Laura Aranda

Author of Pushing Back the Darkness resides in the PNW and loves to travel and hike.

Claire Sullivan has not been the same since the death of her parents, particularly the unsolved vicious murder of her father, Judge Patrick Sullivan. She finds some solace in the arms of her longtime boyfriend, Detective Cole Peretti, but even he cannot fill the void in her heart. In addition to her grief, she is plagued by reoccurring nightmares of a specific girl. When she sees the girl featured on the news as a runaway foster child, Claire realizes there is more involved than sheer coincidence.

Spurred to action, she ventures down the grittiest streets of Houston, Texas, to find and rescue the girl from her nightmares – against Cole’s advice. Danger escalates when she comes face to face with the ugly truth of human trafficking and her limited ability to protect herself and those she loves the most.

When the unthinkable happens, will Claire surrender to her own will and refuse to forgive? Or is there still time to join other believers and push back the darkness through the power of prayer and spiritual warfare?

Pushing Back the Darkness is a riveting Christian thriller that addresses the realities of modern day slavery. It is an adventure you will not forget and a call to shine the light of Christ into your world.

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Do you know the real reason why awareness of trafficking needs to happen?

The following information is what I learned from my friends who have been working a long time at this. This is why they do.

Check them out and support them monthly! http://www.swlaabolitionists.com

Human trafficking is not new. It is old bondage of people selling for a profit. Predators preying on vulnerabilities of the weak. This is a national problem. This corruption is destroying cities like Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Dallas, Seattle and the one closest to my heart… Houston. This crime hand in hand with drug and weapon trafficking is destroying our families and lives of youth. Buying and Selling happens all around us, and many of us turn a blind eye and choose to remain unaware. That is why I had to pick up the pen and write. I am a voice for those with no voice. I want my book to reach those I cannot.

As I continue to educate others, God continues to order my steps. I am now writing my second book, teaching principals of emotional healing and restoration. I will have a book line and a curriculum with Program training sessions that can be replicated across the nation in every city and church.

Global Human Trafficking Stats

There are 45.8 million people stuck in modern-day slavery today
come from India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, and Bangladesh
are victims of labor trafficking. 22% are sex trafficking victims. (International Labor Organization)
is the average price of a slave today. In 1809, the average price was $40,000 in today's market. (Kevin Bales)
Modern-day slavery is a $32 billion dollar industry.