The church is just one big bag of Samurai Mix Crackers

Sharing my snack with my class today made me think of a couple of post I’ve seen recently on Facebook. One mentioning holiness in a pentecostal church and the others talking about judgement and how to not judge appearance. This all coming during the middle of holiness lessons being taught every Wednesday night at our church.
Regardless, I was tasting the crackers and found the carrot shaped ones extremely hot. The peas kinda spicy, the star shaped white ones bland. It reminded me that I’m not a star shaped white cracker…..not am I the carrot. I’m the brown log shaped one. The middle man. Not too hot not too boring. Just right.
Grant you, I’m not talking about lukewarmness. In relation, I am talking about styles and personalities. We can all be different and still go to heaven. There is obviously, one way to heaven….following the Acts 2:38 salvation plan….and we all know we must have a clean heart and be holy in dress……
But we can differ in styles and personalized dress. …. I may be a ankle length plaid kinda girl and some one else,another beautiful sister in my church may be a knee lengthy black miniskirt kinda lady. ….. But still we can smile and love one another.
Because once I put the carrot pea and brown log cracker and the bland star shaped bland cracker alllllll in my mouth at once…….it taste good. Very good. And I think Jesus feels the same way. The only thing he SPITS out is lukewarm Christians.

Taste and see……..