Characteristics of the Spirit of Elijah

Defining Words

“What is the Spirit of Elijah?” This question came to me from a young man during a recent Q&A session of a conference. Beyond the hunger of his heart, I heard the voice of Holy Spirit prompting his inquiry. Although we reference the Spirit of Elijah frequently in our revival culture, do we really grasp its nature or composite? Having answered the question from my reservoir of revelation, I later went back to the well for a deeper drink. There is much more to be said about the spirit of Elijah than has already been said. The following is an acrostic (E-L-I-J-A-H) revealing the nature of the Elijah spirit. Flow with me into deeper waters of understanding as we prepare our hearts for this last days shift of ministry.

E – Engaging

As I meditated on the spirit of Elijah, I heard the following in my spirit. “The rules of…

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