Pushing Back the Darkness

I have published my first Christian Fiction novel. It has been published in April 2017.


I have been on quite a journey writing this book. A lot of heartache, tears and pain has been felt along the way. This book almost feels like it has always been a part of me and has finally been birthed.

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The seed of this book began as a vision over fifteen years ago during a time at my childhood church where we were having Apostolic Authority classes taught by a man named Michael Shane Brandon. If there had ever been a man infused with the wisdom of the Lord, this man was for that moment and in those classes we were taught so many things concerning spiritual warfare and prayer and the way we had the ability to bind up strongholds in the spirit through prayer.

The vision I saw one night in prayer was the dream read about in this book. There are many, many truth moments laced throughout this fiction book. I always felt like I would meet this young woman one day but in reality that vision was the beginning of this book. Over the past five or so years, I have been in contact with different organizations and people that have utterly changed my life and the way I see people of the world around me.

My burden for the poor and needy of our nation has increased tremendously. Jesus said you would always have the poor and if we touch those people then it is as if we are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus himself. If anyone longs to know the heartbeat of God, truly it was giving to the poor and needy.

So, please buy my book. Read my book. Share my book. We need more awareness of situations in our world. God bless each reader! It is on Amazon now. I want this book to go farther than I can go and reach people I never would have imagined.

I will post more updates as they come along concerning the book and events we will be a part of.