Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs & my Neighbor’s rose

Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs & my Neighbor’s rose

posted on: January 24, 2017

cub1.jpgaddison.jpgMY day was made today. Wow. First off I had a dozen roses that I was giving out to neighbors yesterday and by chance an older couple drove by my house on their golf cart so I stopped them and gave her a rose. That was the end of it…or so I thought.

Today, my husband and I were outside making spring plans. We have to re-mulch the front flower garden. My neighbor stopped by to talk to us today and asked about the ‘W’ we were flying when the cubs won the World series.



Long story short, his (great?) nephew is Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs’ shortstop.

My neighbor said he wanted to borrow the W so Addison could sign it for me next year when he comes back around to visit!

Soooooooo excited! giggling like a school girl!

It all comes down to this. I don’t think he would have been so apt to stop and talk to us if I had not been nice to his wife the day before and gave her a rose. I’ll never know…..

But I do like what ‘being nice’ brings… happiness that goes around comes around.

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