Books will go up for Pre-sale soon!

Books will go up for Pre-sale soon!

posted on: March 15, 2017
Working on book cover design



Good afternoon, all!

I am currently working on getting my information correct so my book, Pushing back the Darkness will be ready for pre-sale. It is a current work in progress. I will be selling paperbacks at the Shine Conference in Katy, Texas April 7th-8th. Super excited about that. But I want to have everything in order so friends and family and all you guys can order as soon as possible.Books will go up for Pre-sale soon!

My children are home from school on spring break. I wonder how much damage they could do if I threw them in a room close the door and gave them a bag of Cheeto puffs to keep them quiet?


I am always always always available through Facebook but I do have an email address you can contact me through as well.

God bless you all. Thank you for your support.





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