Victorious Living class 

My heart is so full today. Hope it’s okay to share….

When the church works together….

When Saints outreach and knock doors…

When Reapers encourage and do follow up

When van drivers have a burden to make sure pews are filled

When normal everyday Friendly people smile and pray with people in the altar …

Things like this happen when the church works together as 1 body….

 People show up to church and pray and feel the need to join classes to GrOw in church. 

This was notes from one of our students in the Victorious Living class. She shared with me what she had learned as she read thru the first chapter of Proverbs this week. 

Another student said after class last week that the lesson really opened her eyes. I wouldn’t take anything for those memories. The feeling was priceless. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Teach. Our lesson prior to service went hand in hand with the sermon today.

This is week 3 of class

   Week 1 we had 3 students 

 Week 2 we had 5

Week 3 We had 5 with an additional 3 absent. So 8….