Friendly visits, interviews and the American Press newspaper

Friendly visits, interviews and the American Press newspaper

posted on: March 29, 2017

Today has been quite a day. Actually, every day since I have published my book, I have woke up busier and busier. I thought once my book was published that I would be done but in fact, I am just beginning. And that is ok with me. I want to sell thousands of books. I work because excuses don’t work.

But also today, I went to visit a neighbor and she had this plaque on her wall. The words were exactly what my spirit needed to know today. So I chose to share them with you as well.

Most of us spend our lives seeking our destiny, One man created His Own. It began in a manger and led to a cross, and it included you. You too have a destiny, and someday…someday soon, your destiny will cross with His.

When I got home I had an email from the American Press telling me I would be interviewed soon. Super excited to get the word out about this book through the local Lake Charles, LA paper. Just wanted to share that bit of news as well! God bless y’all.

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