Spotlight on your purpose by sister McKee

These are just notes during  class. 

Purpose in life. We are here for his purpose and reason.
If you’re breathing you have a purpose.
Don’t try to find this illusive thing…purpose. You can lose yourself In the search. Your path changes.
Teenage purpose
Purpose as a wife
As a mother
A purpose on the job. There are many different types of purposes.

Read this book :
God at work
the doctrine of vocation.
Gene Edward veith Jr.

Purpose comes when we face outward and serves others
When we get caught up in our own wants:
THE ME MONSTER GETS bigger and bigger

Jeremiah 28:11
Psalm 22:10
In this order reboot and reconnect your
Purpose :
1 Love the Lord….first things first. He must be center stage. Center my life around him. Philippians 4:7
2 Fellowship with believers Heb10:25
3.God wants me to achieve spiritual maturity Heb6:1 Grow . Heb5:12
4. God wants you to give something back. Don’t only recieve. Give back. Use talents to bless the body. 1Peter4:10 use abilities to help each other.
5. communicate his love thruoutreach outreach. They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Speak the truth with love.