Here is my interview with Laura Aranda


Name Laura Aranda

Age 33

Where are you from- Southwest Louisiana

Upon graduating high school, she attended Jackson College of Ministries where she majored in Overseas Missions. She has worked in poverty-stricken El Salvador, Grenada and in the streets with the homeless in New Orleans.  She teaches a Victorious Living class each Sunday.  She and her family attend a First United Pentecostal Church in Southeast Texas. She is on the board of the SWLA Abolitionists group in Lake Charles, LA. She wrote this book to bring spiritual awareness to human sex trafficking in Houston, Texas area. Her prayer is that this book reaches people she cannot reach and gets into the hands of people who can make a change in our world. Modern-day slavery is a $32 billion dollar industry. Pushing Back the Darkness is a riveting Christian thriller that addresses the realities of modern day slavery. It is an…

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