Prevention, Intervention & Restoration and the annual Flea Fest 

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I had a wonderful weekend full of speaking  events and chances to get my book in the public’s hands.  

Saturday was the UMW’s campaign against modern slavery event in Lake Arthur.  The DA’S office was there as well as local police officers and D.A.R.E  officers…all who spoke before I did.
I was nervous to hear what they had to say but we were all on the same page. Human trafficking Is real and small communities are not immune to the nightmare. 

  We need some way to get into the high schools and teach the dangers of social media. There are predators waiting and lurking and watching.  

​This lady, Ms Taylor headed up the whole thing. She is over eighty years old and looks and acts like she’s sixty. We need all hands-on deck concerning our kids and she made me so proud to be  a part of what she was doing.  
I looked around at all the elderly grandmas there…and realized that’s what it takes. Family. It takes strong community 

Strong churches with core family values. We need moms and dads to be as concerned as those grandparents are. 

I was honored to be there.  

Afterwards I went to Flea  fest in  Lake Charles. Made lots of contacts. Did not sell books but made connections.  I hope to gain exposure from those connections. Thank you Rusty Havens for sharing your booth and vision with me. I went home exhausted and but Hopeful.