Prayer changes things. Blessed when blessing….Mother’s Day weekend 2017

Prayer changes things. Blessed when blessing….Mother’s Day weekend 2017

posted on: May 12, 2017

I was honored to accept Ms. Nell Hayes’ invitation to speak to the United Methodist women’s group this evening in Lake Charles at one of their homes. 

There were around fifteen precious ladies there and since it was Mother’s Day weekend each lady had a chance to speak about her favorite memory of her mother. 

I was touched as each lady spoke of the kindness of her mother, or

The special way she taught piano lessons or

The grand breakfast cooked daily before school or

The homemade rugs woven and given away

I thought of how my mother always had a plate of food to give away to someone special and in need at each holiday.  She has always had a heart of servitude and sacrifice. 

Then my thoughts turned inward and I hope I am the type of mother my children will have fond memories of throughout their lives.  

To hear the UMW’S burden for the poor and how they wanted to know how to get involved with bringing awareness to human trafficking in Calcasieu Parish…I felt even more blessed to be in their presence. They have a great love for the less fortunate. 

I signed books and ate dinner and loved every moment. They gave me a gift when I left and I feel like they blessed me more than I was able to bless them. I love the book they gave  me!

Thank you God for opening the right doors and allowing me to meet them. They are in the process of getting my book in their reading list for everyone to read. So excited about that! 
Happy Mothers day weekend!! ❤️ 

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