I prayed on the steps of a Buddhist temple today


I feel like you all know me by now but I just wanted to recap tonight. Today has been a wonderful day from start to finish. I went to a networking event at a local art gallery and met some of the most dynamic missions-minded people.

I sat there smiling and happy and felt the positive energy they exuded and all I thought about was how my church follow-up group needs to implement this same program for referrals and guests. More on that later-


I am 3rd generation Pentecostal-raised in church, attended bible college —

I always prayed to be a Pentecostal Missionary–that was my dream.

I went to Grenada, West Indies, El Salvador and Canada on missions’ trips. I met my husband coming home from my mission trip to Canada.

I stopped with my group to work inner city street ministry/bus ministry in Gary, Indiana….that was the church my  to-be husband went to…

I met him that weekend. We wrote letters back and forth (that was before cell phones) for two years.

We meet in 2003 and married in 2005.

We have been married for over twelve years now. God has been so good to us. He has kept us and protected us and loved us when we were unloveable-he has brought us from a mighty long way and he sees fit to use us…and for that –I am thankful!

I am now promoting my book. I wrote and published an Apostolic fiction book that has been send to PPH for review.

Super excited because I am NOT the international overseas missionary that I assumed I would be —-BUT God has a way always!

He heard my prayers. Since this book I prayed God would breath LIFE into this book and he has!!!!!!!

I have spoke in front of other denominations- I have learned so much from so many people about truth and kindness and unity and love and working together.

I am placing ONENESS WORD in the form of a fictional story in people’s hands and they are getting to hear truth…



I prayed on the steps of a Buddhist temple here in my city!

I was invited to speak at this Buddhist temple next sunday morning!!!!!

I stood between those giant ‘gods’ and I prayed:

Hear! The Lord our God IS ONE LORD….

I pray that these monks, these beautiful people get a revelation!

I pray the light of truth is shined into their world…and they know there is only one true living God!

I am so so so excited!

One of the largest groups of trafficked victims are the Asian population and I feel like they will accept the book……..but even if I NEVER sell one BOOK there I can say that I stood on that temple’s porch and I prayed power and life on those beautiful people and blessings to GOD-to Jesus Christ in the midst of those ‘gods’– I pray that they see Jesus.