Damsel in Defense Independent Pro

Damsel in Defense Independent Pro

posted on: June 6, 2017


As you know, I have written and published a faith based book titled, Pushing Back the Darkness bringing awareness to human trafficking.

One of the first questions women ask me after speaking events or book signings would be, “How do I keep myself \ my daughter safe?”

Damsel in Defense answers that question. dndd

This goes hand in hand with my novel.

Nothing takes the place of common sense and self-awareness but this is a great first line of defense. I love these products.

I use these products and I believe in this company!equation

I am currently looking for someone who wants to host a Facebook party or Empower Hour this summer. No pressure to buy! I just want to be able to share my passion and enthusiasm with your friends that I am not directly connected with. There is a great need for education and empowerment. Contact me. LauraAranda@owlofhope.com


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