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Owl of hope is incredible by the way. I'm so glad they are on my team!
If you need a book published….reach out to them!!!!

Who is my team
Laura Aranda…I am a part of
SWLA Abolitionists and sit as a board member
JCM student many years ago
Bible quiz coach beginning over five years ago
Overseas missions traveler
New life victorious living ss teacher
Committed young married couple group leader with my husband

Craig Aranda my fabulous husband
Teaches Sunday school…one of the kindest people you'll meet.
A part of Reapers outreach and teaches the human trafficking awareness class : The correlation between pornagraphy and Sex Trafficking

Rachael Hartman
Publisher and owner of OWL who has published over 36 books and she's experienced in curriculum writing as well. Owl of hope publishing check them out!!

A group of survivors and family members that have agreed to lend their voice to the curriculum….incredibly raw vulnerable wonderful people.

A Business owner working with children who age out of foster care and has two homes for them to use as they adjust to society

Rusty Havens
Founder of SWLA Abolitionists group
Travels to DC to speak to senators and help pass laws that get stuck concerning human trafficking.
Awarded best advocate by the largest human trafficking nonprofit organization IJM
Check them out!!

I can't begin to tell you about the group of paroles officers
Casa volunteers
United way members
Rotary clubs
And churches who want to join forces and help work with us.