Trading Judah for a Washpot

Pastor has been teaching on the book of Ruth during bible study on Wednesday nights. Last night he mentioned what the name of Moab meant. It meant washing basin. In Psalms chapter 60 God calls it a slave’s washbasin meaning this place was lower and worth less than what the slaves used to hold their dirty water….and this is the place Naomi and her family left Bethlehem-Judah for. They left a land of praise (even though it was in a dry spell) to go to a filthy land that did not belong to them.

Wow! What could have been if Naomi and her husband had not left? What if they stayed? Regardless, Ruth and Naomi come back to the land marred, scarred, broken and with nothing to show for the ten years spent in a land Naomi didn’t belong. She lost everything.

Sin will always take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more than you want to pay.

What an incredible story of redemption though. Today during my studies online I came across a Leadership class I had to take titled: Becoming the Go-To person in Church taught by Bro. Luke Levine. The following are a few things he taught that I wanted to share. It is so good!

To tie all of this in with the story above about, Naomi…. IF you just endure through the lean times and the dry times in church the cycle will revolve and there will be a time of restoration. Become busy in the house of God. Find yourself a place and stick to it!

  1. Live a spiritually disciplined life including a consistent prayer life and study life. A prayer life is foundational to everything we do. To be an effective laborer in the harvest field we must pray and study correctly. To be the Go to person in church we must be worshipping and be involved. It will be easier for God to equip a spiritual man than to make a spiritual man.
  2. See and hear and respond to your Pastor’s vision. Anything more than one vision is di-vision. Find out what he is passionate about and where he needs help. Then get to work to support his vision. It is a 1000 times easier to criticize something than to create something. Be a problem solver. Be a solution creator. Get behind him and be useful.
  3. Be observant. Take a close look around your church. There is a list of things to be done at church. Some things are obvious. Be a part of a solution. Show up early to church and help.
  4. Have a get-it-done attitude. Fight every adversary that comes against the church. Find a way to get things done. Have a sense of mission and passion for the work of the church. There is nothing like working for the Kingdom of God. Make yourself useful in the local church. Be faithful in the few things….whatever it takes. If it needs to get done and nobody is doing it…do it. Read the story of Nehemiah…from Rubble to Rebuilding in 52 days. Those were go-to people that made that mission come to pass.
  5. Be accessible. Be available. We make time for the things that are important to us. What are your priorities? Be willing to make time for something that may not be directly important to you. Be easy to talk to. Your leader is far too busy to search you out. Just be there. Just show up and help. What if God was only accessible to us as much as we were to the kingdom/church?
  6. Follow through. Don’t just be a project starter. Follow through. Get it done well. Get it done on time. Make a task list. Write it down. Make a list of things you want to do. Start a project and finish it so you don’t frustrate leaders.
  7. Be faithful. One of the primary difference between a faithful and wise servant and the evil servant is faithfulness. Be at church every time the doors are open. Be there. If there is outreach, work day, prayer meeting….Be there. Keep in mind, that for every time David killed a bear or a lion, there were hundreds of days of herding livestock.

Faithfulness always trumps Fireworks.

Be faithful. Be consistent.

God might lead you to a Goliath.