The bat hanging upside-down laughs at the Topsy-turvy world.

Tonight was truly a priceless memory I pray my children never forget. What an amazing God we are so blessed to know and serve. He is an awesome Creator. I’m in awe of his wonders.

We went to a cave entrance and sat in an outdoor cathedral amphitheater with about two Hundred other spectators. It was so quiet that I felt like I was in church.

We watched in almost complete silence as over 60,000 bats swirled and danced their way out of the cave entrance into the full moonlight.

No cameras or videoing was allowed which made the whole event all the more special.

It was the perfect weather.

A huge massive cloud of bats.

And a full moon over the gorgeous cave.

I felt so in tune with nature as I sat in silence with all the others. It was truly a sensational experience.

I took photos as we left to share here.