Remnants of our Home – Our heartache from Hurricane Harvey

Poem titled:

Remnants of our Home-Our Heartache from Hurricane Harvey

“It looks like monsters” the little ones whisper as they pass us by.

“Yes, Slumbering monsters”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t wake the giant”

Oh my dear, it’s too late

He’s already stirred and been awoken

He’s turned our lives and homes and memories into rotting piles of debris

He’s the monster

We are not

We are the dying piles of fading rubble that was once cherished as our home

We cannot patch ourselves

We are that part of you that was ripped away

Release us now

Rise up and live again

Let us go

Don’t let your heartbreak anymore

Let us go

You will smile again

Poetry by Laura Aranda

I mean no disrespect.

Tribute written and dedicated to those surviving Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

You are not forgotten.