Open your eyes

Open your eyes

posted on: September 26, 2017

I debated whether or not to mention the events of today and decided to go ahead. This happened only hours ago.

I am traveling to General conference in Kansas city today through small towns along the interstate. As a driver, I have the radio on and my mind is a million miles away daydreaming…not paying much attention to the passengers in vehicles around me…I’m in my own world.

The story begins as I notice

I’ve been following the same white four door car for about twenty miles. A commotion in the car draws my attention. I assume the young man in the front passenger seat is dancing or bee-bopping to rap music the way he is moving. Vigorous movements.

It was peculiar enough for me to snap out of my daydream and watch. He removes his ball cap and is turning to the backseat alot. It peaked my curiosity enough that I had to get close enough to the car to see what’s going on. Surely he isn’t hitting a person in the backseat is he???

This goes on and to my horror, I realize what I’m seeing. He’s beating someone in the backseat. So hard that my stomach twists…..A white fabric flies out the side window and then moments after a shiny black object is violently tossed out the other window! A cell phone! What in the world!!??

The driver is going over 70 miles an hour and I see the back right hand side door open!! Someone is trying to escape out of that car.

By this time I’m on the phone with 911. I call out the license plate’s numbers and letters and describe the white four door car. As I’m talking to the dispatcher the guy is still beating on the person in the back seat. I see a barefoot pushing that backdoor open again. Three times the side back door opens and someone is trying to escape the vehicle.

They turn down a side street off the highway and I tell the police the name of the street. It wasn’t two minutes down the road when a police SUV goes with sirens blaring in the direction of that car.

I pray whoever was in the car was rescued. God have mercy.

What did I learn?

1) Even after everything I know about human trafficking and abuse and domestic violence I still could have allowed that to have slipped past me unawares. I had to realize what I was seeing was abuse. I had to be proactive and call for help. God only knows what else has happened to that person. I’m so glad I was there to call for help.

As a society we can’t be macho heroes but we can do what we can do. We can alert authorities and seek help for those victims. I may never know the rest of the story but thank God he put me in the right path so I could see the problem and crisis and call for help when that person couldn’t themselves.

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