Follow-up to Open your eyes

Follow-up to Open your eyes

posted on: October 4, 2017

Several days ago I posted about the incident that happened in Kansas. I called 911 after watching a young man beat someone trying to escape out of the backseat of a white car on the highway going 70 a hour.

After several attempts to reach Deputy Sheriff including stopping by the precinct on my way back to Tulsa to catch my plane home, he called me this evening. Very polite. Very nice.

The victim was a young woman in the backseat. The passenger up front was charged with battery. The driver was only a witness to the crime. The one arrested had a warrant out of his arrest in another county. This was the victim’s boyfriend.

She had a support system she can go to….family and friends but is embarrassed and ashamed this happened to her. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She needs prayer and help and support so she won’t go back to this type of lifestyle.

There has been trauma in the family already with a relative that committed suicide only months prior.

I’m so thankful there were other witnesses as well that saw the battery and have stepped up to talk to the police as well.

If we all as, Americans, work together we can help those less fortunate all around us.

God bless America!

That is exactly what my book is all about. I published Pushing Back the Darkness ❌ my novel in April of this year to help create awareness about human trafficking and domestic violence in America.

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