Those Impactful People in our lives

Those Impactful People in our lives

posted on: October 21, 2017

Have you ever had those people in your life that just came along at the right time?  The Mallory’s are those people who I can always remember having in my life. In the cheering section of the corner of my world.

I remember as a nine and ten-year old little girl, I was scared and thousands of miles from where I was born in another part of the nation. My parents were on the brink of divorce and my world was turned upside down. Somehow we found our way to the Mallory’s church in Washington state. The peace I felt as Sis. Mallory wrapped me in her arms is something I can still feel over twenty-five years later. They counseled my parents and loved my family. I remember helping her light candles to place on the altar prior to church services. She made me feel welcome, wanted and loved.

Fast forward almost eight years later, my parents stayed together but did not stay in Washington. We moved back to Louisiana. I felt an undeniable call on my life for missions work. I found myself in Bible college and came face to face with the Mallory’s once more. They remembered me and once more loved me as their own. I went on a missions’ trip with them to Montreal, Canada and was able to visit his birthplace and other memorial sites with them. It was an unforgettable trip because on that trip I met my to-be husband. None of that would have happened without the Mallory’s in my college years.

Now another fifteen years has passed and I see them once again at General Conference. It is my first time to be in Kansas City. To my relief, I see a set of familiar faces. Smiling eyes, happy, proud looks. The love they have just pours from them to me. I am so thankful for them. I got a text message from him today.

To know they are proud of me, makes me so happy. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Thank God for those people who are consistent in our lives! I can’t say enough good about them.





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