Twelve Days of Christmas 2017

What a year this has been!

Wow. I would have never imagined the whirlwind of excitement that has happened since publishing, Pushing Back the Darkness in April of this year.

So for the twelve Days of Christmas, I am so blessed to be able to share and give to others (it’s one of my love language if anyone has read about the five different languages….)

I am blessed to have a family who supports my dreams unconditionally.

I am blessed to have the IMPACTJUNKIE team rallying around me.

I have met wonderful new friends from all over the US.

I am blessed with an incredible church family pastored by a phenomenal pastor and his lovely wife who is always a lady.

My cup runs over. I could go on and on but….

So for the twelve Days of Christmas I will have giveaways of a signed copy of my book and different sales each day. Come see it daily here and on instagram (AuthorLauraAranda)

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