A baby shower for Baby Jesus

A baby shower for Baby Jesus

posted on: December 28, 2017

If Jesus had been born today….this is probably a bit what it would look like. Excuse me as I take a comical view point to this event. Enjoy…and contact me if you want me to add you in.

The warm breath of baby Jesus soothed Mary into a tired sleep. Several hours had passed since Joseph told the wisemen with oils goodbye and sent them on their way back to their country. Boxes of myrrh and frankincense and gold lay piled in the corner of their room. Maybe Mary could get rest now.

Just then there was a scuffling at the barn door. Mary tried to ignore the conversations but it sounded like Joseph was turning away what sounded like a group of women. They seemed to be protesting. Baby Jesus squirmed in his sleep as Mary tried to lay him down on the soft hay bed they created for him only days before.

Mary stood and went to the barn door and looked out at the crowd of ladies Joseph was insisting leave. What a ruckus they were making, but they were so pretty. All those colors and bags…they were bringing gifts! Maybe these gifts would make a little more sense that those the wisemen brought. Mary heard all about the group of Mompreneurs Saleforce but never met any of them yet. What a happy, optimistic group of women they made up.

“Joseph, let them in.” Mary smiled gently. One of the ladies caught Mary’s eye and hurried past Joseph to give her a hug.
“Oh honey, we were just trying to tell Joseph we put all our Team National points together and got your little family a room for the next few days. Get out of this old barn. I’m telling you Air B&B’s have really went south if you ask me.”
Mary tried to hold back the bubbles of laughter that wanted so badly to escape.
What a refreshing joy it was to be in the presence of these direct sales ladies.
“My name isn’t important, here’s my business card, you can get with me later to setup a Damsel in Defense party. You don’t have to open my gift yet. It’s a stun gun and pepper spray. I will show you how to use it later. Let me introduce you to my friends. We just wanted to put a little baby shower together for you.”
Another lady smiled brightly as she held out a bag, “Your baby is so sweet. I just can’t wait to hold him. I have a bag of Avon goodies for you. Lip gloss, perfume, skin so soft products.”
Before Mary could even say thank you, another bubbly girl interrupted. “I am your LuLaRoe Consultant and just by looking at you I would say the Carly I picked for you will work perfectly if you are about to do some traveling. I have brought a Julie that might fit you as well. We will have to try that one on you.”

“Well, let her go try it on. I see the Young Living essential oils guys have been here. They brought oils but I am with DoTerra and I have brought a few oils of my own you might like as well. This is a bottle of cedar wood oil you can rub on your feet tonight to help you sleep.” Winked another short lady who peeked around her friends arm and held out a box.

Mary couldn’t help but smile as she noticed a few of the ladies cooing over baby Jesus and another convincing Joseph to try her Thrive samples she brought. The small group of ladies were more than she anticipated. The colorful Thirty-One Gifts lady sat in the corner of the barn personalizing a bag with Jesus’ name on it in bright red letters.
A Melaleuca direct sales woman was mixing up a fresh smelling, healthy cleaner to use to clean around the manger.
The Scentsy representative was frowning at all the cattle as she searched for a plug-in to make the barn smell more like Hawaiian Breeze and less like hay.

“Mary, I know we all barged in here on you like this, and I do apologize. Here is some really great storage containers I sell through Tupperware. I took the liberty to create a few finger foods for you and Joseph to snack on using my Cocoa Exchange recipes. I hope you aren’t allergic to chocolate.”

“No, I am not allergic. Thank you.” Mary barely got the words out before she was swept away with a group of ladies who wanted to show her their Finn + Emma sustainable, organically grown, eco-friendly clothes for baby Jesus to grow into.

Another smiling face handed Mary a gift bag. “Our Stella & Dot distributor accepted the invitation to host a last minute Trunk Show in person today with the DuNorth Designs leggings lady or she would have been with us. They did send their regards.”

Peering into the bag, Mary saw a pile of leggings of all colors just waiting for her to try on.

Fashionable, trendy, high quality gift after amazing gift was given to the family of three. Hours passed by but felt only like minutes before the ladies were packed up and ready to go.

“We have you all packed up and ready to go to Egypt with us. Let’s get you out of here.” The ladies cackled and scurried around Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

“I don’t know what to say other than thank you. I will hold all these things in my heart.” Mary said hugging each lady as they all left the barn.
“That’s how you do a baby shower.” The ladies laughed, closing the barn doors behind them. The sun had faded away to twilight and the only light one could see was from the Hawaiian Breeze Scentsy plugin the group forgot in the barn.

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