Stolen angels- an interview with New York designer and Abolitionist, Liz Midkiff

Stolen angels- an interview with New York designer and Abolitionist, Liz Midkiff

posted on: December 31, 2017

I’m completely thrilled about this interview with a fellow Abolitionist. To clear the air before we begin- an Abolitionist is a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, especially capital punishment or (formerly) slavery. Meet Liz. She has exciting news about a launch in less than two weeks!

Tell my Readers a little about yourself first. 

I live in western New York. I have two dogs, a wonderful husband and I am launching a clothing line January 11th to raise awareness about Human Trafficking and to educate our customers on how to fight sex trafficking in their communities.  I love to cook, design, and write poetry.  

What is a goal you have that’s worth working for starting now?

-I am launching my clothing line January 11th, one of the goals I have for the line is to support at least one survivor at a local safe house at the

“Potters Hands Foundation”   Basically, that’s 25k a year.  That’s not an easy goal being my first year  in business but its worth fighting for her freedom.

What are you passionate about?

– Rescuing victims of Human Trafficking and raising awareness about the cause.  

What wins did you have this week?

– We got finalization of the venue for our launch party  in January. I got to present my product line to a well known car dealership and they agreed to test market my key chains! The key chains glow in the dark!  The reason behind it is -women are usually afraid of getting robbed or hurt at nighttime.  And a huge problem is during night when they can’t find their keys or drop them and have to look for them.  BUT if the Keychain can glow in the dark suddenly it is so much easier! And it gives you a sense of safety having that light in your hand.  

What career position do you hold currently?

-Personal Banker / Owner of STOLEN ANGELS, INC.

Can you begin by telling me what made you decide to follow this career path?

– I entered the banking industry six years ago looking for more knowledge about finances.

-I started my clothing line from a passion to rescue victims of Human Trafficking. One of my really good friends was trafficked in the states and I felt called to create a line that fights trafficking and creates and supports safe houses.

What is there to be said of difficult life experiences and how can we transform them?

-Bad things happen to everyone, its up to you whether you let that define you or you use it to fuel your calling.  I believe everything happens for a reason and that those hard situations is what transforms us into who we are.


When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone?

-When I met the NEWSBOYS after their concert and asked their lead singer if I could mail them shirts from my line if they would take a picture in them. 

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Mediation?

-yes!  I pray ALL the time.  This is the one part of my life where I can be completely myself and can just tell GOD all my problems, questions, or just about my day.

 What is your source of peace?

-cuddling with my dogs and laughing with my husband.  Also praying while sitting by the water.  I find water very peaceful.

What is your favorite quote or mantra?

-You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” -William Wilberforce

If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

-To be able to open a transitional house for girls who have been trafficked.  Because girls that have been trafficked need extra support and resources and people to keep them safe and a home…

What advice would you give someone concerning Who they need to become in order to accomplish their wish/dream/goal?

– They need to be motivated! You have to be a “go getter” to accomplish your dreams.

How do family members go about helping the ones they love that struggle with addiction?

-be loving, sometimes that is hard but to be forgiving but to also be the voice of truth while having a listening ear.

When do you feel like your true self?

-when I am designing clothes 

If you were the bravest version of yourself today, what would you be doing?

– I would walk the darkest areas of the city where I knew girls were being trafficked and I would rescue them no matter what happened.   

What is keeping people from living their best life?

– Fear

Do you have a nonprofit organization you admire or contribute to?

–  Yes the Potter’s Hands Foundation 

How can individuals achieve goals without sacrificing their values?

– make your vision and write down your values and ONLY do what falls in line with that, your goals should mirror those.

How do we make our values a reality?

-I personally put my faith in Jesus which is ultimately where my values come from, through prayer and wisdom is where we see our values show in our life. 

If anyone is interested in contacting you further what’s the easiest way(s) to reach you???


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Author Laura Aranda

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