Oprah. Is she now the face of #metoo? Rose McGowan, why she feels the anger she feels.

Oprah. Is she now the face of #metoo? Rose McGowan, why she feels the anger she feels.

posted on: January 9, 2018

Rose McGowan. The actress who said she was raped by Harvey Weinstein has indeed shattered the silence in Hollywood concerning sexual abuse and harassment. Yet, after the Golden Globe speech by Oprah speaking of a new day on the horizon, McGowan is angry. She is fed up with the hypocrisy and lies.

IMG_7650 I watched the speech Oprah made. It was encouraging and uplifting and motivating. I cheered momentarily. I was confused to see Rose McGowan was angry and upset. I didn’t understand. So here’s my take on it all. Forgive me if I am wrong……

Can you try to lay everything aside. The ‘he said’,  ‘she said’ junk and just think for a minute.

Just STOP and think for a minute. Lay aside all the preconceived ideas and ideologies.

McGowan doesn’t care about symbolism. She cares about action. What happened at the Golden Globes was not a victory for her. I wish it would have been. I wish this would have been a win in her book. I want to believe in the good of people. I truly do.

As someone on the outside looking in, I can see both sides. Oprah has become the ‘face’ for the #metoo movement, but is that fair? Does she deserve that position?

Here’s my question, does it even matter? Is this about who gets the credit or is this whole platform about bringing awareness to sexually assaulted women who have been silenced?

IMG_7651 Does it really matter WHO the first person was that broke the silence?

The fact remains true. We are all grateful you broke the silence. Thank you! Each of us in our own way is trying to help and rally together. That is why I wrote, Pushing Back the Darkness. Does it matter to me that someone else’s book or movie will sell millions and mine may never?

Not really, because I know about all the late night phone calls I have received and the quiet lunch dates with a mother whose daughter (*or son*) has been sexually assaulted. If  I can just help that one or that one or that one then I know I am a success. I may never be a household name, and that’s okay with me. I can say at the end of my life, I tried to make the world a better place.

Rose, I want to interview you. I want to know you and ask you hard questions. I want to listen and look into your eyes. I wish I could understand….because there are times that I am naive and clueless.

I can’t know your pain. I don’t know what drives you and motivates you but please can you just see that the #metoo platform is getting attention. Regardless of whose face is representing it?

Oprah is a very powerful, beautiful woman who may have done things in her past that she regrets. Who knows? Today, is it possible she is rectifying that?  Could it be possible that her speech at the Golden Globes was her placing value where value needs to be placed?

McGowan, those fancy people in black at the Golden Globes have their eyes open now. They can begin to do what they should have been doing all along. It takes time to turn the Titanic around, as an old song says. Be thankful they are sitting up and paying attention after so long.

Silence is the problem. It has always been the problem. Please don’t be angry NOW that they are not silent any longer. Who knows how many of them have sexually endured and suffered the same thing with no one to speak to about it.

In fact, Streep attended Sunday night’s ceremony wearing a black gown and taking activist/the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Ai-jen Poo, as her date.

Symbolic??IMG_7649.jpg Isn’t this a good thing? A victory? Awareness?


Ai-jen Poo is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance.  This is a movement and there is space for everyone, even the people in the fancy black clothes. I wish you could see that, Rose.

I can’t wait to see what amazing things happen from this unity. I want to believe in the positive. We can end sexual harassment and violence once and for all. Rose, take everyone’s hand and join the fight together. Forgive those 11th hour workers who are just now getting on board. Forgive them. Forgive us all. We all want to just do our part.

And if by chance, I am wrong, then fine. I will be wrong and I will fix it and recant. It won’t be the first time that I have seen the whole thing wrong. I just hope maybe somehow from what I have read that this whole post makes senses.

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