New Year Goals Compartmentalized Chazown style

New Year Goals Compartmentalized Chazown style

posted on: January 12, 2018

The first two weeks of the New Year has sneezed and coughed their way out of sight. Yes, that’s correct. All those dreams of vision boards and packing my pantry with more fiber and less sugars and starches wheezed their way into oblivion. So, here I sit trying to remember the last time I cooked and dreading the piles of laundry I need to fold and put away.

Life doesn’t stop when Mom gets sick. 

People say the new year is a time to get it right. Throw away habits from last year. Be a better, skinnier, nicer person. I can’t figure out how to get these last two weeks back so do I just throw away the rest of the year and stay in my house coat forever? Sounds good to me.

I’m joking. As silly as you think I am for wanting to just throw away the rest of the year because of a bad first two weeks, consider how irrational it is when people do that with their whole lives and their relationship with God. We launch into a relationship with God and say:

  1. I’m going to go to church five times a week and pray seven hours a day.
  2. I am going to fast six days a week all year.
  3. I am going to tithe 50% of my income.
  4. I am going to knock every door in my neighborhood and get them all to come to church with me. 
  5. I am going to teach 300 bible studies this year with 100% conversion rate.
  6. I am going to read the Bible in five translations this year including Greek and Hebrew.

I, I, I, I, I. And when one goal fails and another goes south and another dies … people give it all up and quit. Sound familiar? I know that is true in my life.

  1. I am a failure. 
  2. God hates me. 
  3. I will never be used of God.
  4. God doesn’t want to talk to me. 
  5. I am not worth anything. 
  6. I will never be used of God to touch or reach the world. 

Have you ever been there? You’ve set too high of expectations? Life doesn’t have to be that way. God does love you. He knows right where you are and he knows we make mistakes and reach too high sometimes. He wants our lives to be lived with purpose and passion.

I read an old magazine article from 2007 written by Craig Groeschel who is the author of Chazown: A different Way to see your Life. He talked about Chazown and developing your life vision

Chazown is a Hebrew word that means a dream, revelation or vision. Proverbs 29:18 uses this word. “Where there is no vision (Chazown), the people perish.” When we have no vision, no dream, no passion that drives us, we just wake up daily and live to be back under our covers. We limp along half heartedly and accept whatever life throws our way.  Groeschel goes on to write that Life without a vision is dangerous. You begin to wither and fade. You become lonely and relationships die. Health declines, money flow stops, and a healthy, vibrant family household splinters.

If we become aware of Jesus, we will see he is all around us and God is leading us toward his vision for our life if we just allow him to guide our footsteps. Create obtainable goals.

  1. Pray twice daily.
  2. Fast monthly.
  3. Tithe 10% of your income and give love offerings.
  4. Read a chapter of the Bible daily.
  5. Speak to your neighbors and form a friendship they can trust.
  6. Check out an organization that is changing lives around the world


So, what is your vision? What is your New Year resolution? I have decided to take the new year and have


I am choosing to break my year down into twelve parts. I will accept each month as a new month to try again. January has already been half wasted due to illness. I will try to put my best foot forward in February. I won’t wait until next year to try again. I will start over each month and by the end of the year, I will be glad to say I will have improved. I am not at the point where I can take on a whole year at a time but I can defeat my bad habits and improve my organizational skills in twelve easy chunks.

Are you willing to allow God to disturb you? Shake up your world? Give you dreams so big they scare you? I AM! I am ready!! God, do it!!

This is the year of positive focus. Whatever I am going to do, it will be with everything that I am. I want to pursue my God-sized chazown (as Craig put it in his article) and watch the amazing things God can unfold in my life and ministry.


7 thoughts on “New Year Goals Compartmentalized Chazown style

  1. You had me at “wheezed their way into oblivion”. 😉 I love the idea of starting fresh each month!

  2. Yes! It is so important to not make our faith about “I and Me” and it’s also important to not treat it like a chore or something you “have” to do or “dread” doing. And this idea of not setting goals that are too complicated and unrealistic can translate in to all parts of our life!

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