Get Off Your Phone and Play with Your Kids — A Letter to Myself

Tales for All Time

Last week, my cousin posted a funny Facebook status. “Without prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say!!” I thought it would be a fun experiment with my extremely precocious 3 year old Nova. This girl says hilarious things that are way outside of her age range, so I was excited to hear her answers. Of course, her answer to the first question was great: “What is something Mommy says a lot?” “No!” Sadly true, but still funny to hear. Another good one: “How tall is Mommy?” “You’re big!” Silly, cute, and basically what I expected from her.

But the one that really hit me hard was this:

“What’s Mommy’s favorite thing to do?” Nova’s answer: “Do work on your computer.”

I felt a quiet disappointment. I was hoping for something like, “Playing legos with me!” or even “Doing laundry!” But she thinks that my FAVORITE…

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