Author Highlights – with Jim Pickering

Author Highlights – with Jim Pickering

posted on: December 18, 2017

Over the next several months I want to highlight authors people may be interested in. The following interview is with Jim Pickering from Texas.


What have you published so far?

I have one published work at this time. It is a Christian based non-fiction book with evangelistic focus. It is a first book of a two book series. Though non-fiction, the series carries a story format to enhance readability.

What is your next step?

My next book will likely be a large quantity cook book. My time spent in our Olympic sized church kitchen has prompted me to develop several recipes that result in mass servings for fund raising and fellowship.

What do you believe is the hardest thing for new writers to overcome?

A common trap for an aspiring writer is the nagging feeling he has nothing of value to offer. No subject will interest everyone, but someone needs your story. My main worry was what is called “the curse of knowledge”. It surfaces in your writing when you fail to remember everyone doesn’t know the details of your subject. I have to constantly pause to look through their eye of understanding. A couple more things I will say about writing a book…we must become willing to stand open and exposed to the world. It’s also like sending a child off to school alone on day one.

Do you have a community of writers to bounce ideas off of?

Except for a writer’s page on facebook, I have no real contact with other writers. My publisher is also an author, and I consider her a good friend…so she counts for a great bit of support.

Would you consider subscriptions to writers magazines as a source of help?

I have no experience with magazines for writers. I wonder if such a subscription would make me feel outclassed. I feel compelled to find out.

What is your idea of success?

I feel successful as a writer any time I hear from a reader. Their effort to respond makes me know I connected.

How do you advertise?

I am marketed through my church group’s international book store, all the major booksellers and even a local bookstore. To date my best marketer is myself.

Do you believe in writer’s block?

Writer’s block? It’s never been a problem for me. When “the writer” shows up I can’t scribble fast enough. When he doesn’t, I relax and proofread. However, I can see how a writer with a deadline could pull out their hair.

Anything else you want to share?

Additionally, as a Christian writer, I feel a grave responsibility to the Lord and my reader. Therefore, I don’t write unless I feel a certain connection with God that only comes with prayer and dedication.

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