SETX Homeschool Expo-Author’s Corner

posted on: June 24, 2018

This was the second year, I have been invited to the SETX Homeschool Expo.

Jessica Fant, does an excellent job portraying her vision and creating an incredible experience in such an educational atmosphere. This year was larger and on a grander scale than the last two years. Tucked away in the coziest corner of Ford Park was a coffee station and all of us. The authors. Our genres are all different and we come from very different backgrounds but over the last two days, we warmed up to each other and learned so much.

Armed with new books and new friendships, I came away with gems. Over the next few weeks,  I will be posting new author interviews from my new friends.

One week, you will meet a two time deployed military veteran who is now a school teacher and an author.

One week, you will meet a pastor’s wife who has written the homeschool book of all books that will help you lose every excuse you could possibly think of, not to homeschool.

One week, you will meet a beautiful author of many, many books with some of her books involving a certain cat who is from Louisiana and takes us on a journey through Cajun Creole country.

I am so excited to share my friends with you. Check back and read their interviews coming up and go to their social media links if you want to buy their books or share them with your friends and followers.

Book One of Pushing Back the Darkness series

Thanks, Jessica Fant. I couldn’t have done it without you. I anticipate next year already.

Author’s Corner

Meet her some day

posted on: August 11, 2014

This is a poem I wrote. It needs brushing up and fixing but the first draft is below. I dedicate this to my daughter Caelyn. She is entering high school and decided she wants to become an author one day. Her dad told her to write. Writers write always… I don’t know if that dream will ever come true or not but if it interested her now….we say go for it. As long as she is pursuing a dream and not just being a bump on a log. Caelyn, we believe in you! You can do anything! You can be anybody! You can go anywhere! Go save the world!


Anyways I wrote stories since I was eight years old. My 5th grade teacher, Ms. Poole used to let me write stories instead of do my classwork at school. She believed in me. She told me to dedicate my first book to her and still to this day she ask me about that book that I have never written yet….and at 30 that dream seems dead and gone. Sad…. I wish I had a book to dedicate to her. I wish I had something to show her that she didn’t believe in me for nothing but that I can be what she thought I could be……

You are gonna meet her on the street one day

She’s gonna be better than you

She’s gonna be worse off than you

She’s gonna be every decision you never made

She’s gonna be the failures you didn’t fall into

She’s gonna be the triumphant wins you never won

She’s gonna be the victory you never chased

She’s out there

But she’s not you

She is not you

School starts in 2 days here!

posted on: August 11, 2014

Eeeeek I am sooooooo excited! School starts in two days! This will be my first year at a local private school teaching the A beka curr. I am nervous about juggling everything. Life is going to get really busy soon.

School*piano lessons*bible quiz practice*sign language practice*church*youth service* and that doesn’t begin to describe house work and meals and that fairy tale dream of a night out with my husband NOT buying groceries! So say a prayer for all the moms out there who are about to begin juggling a heavier schedule…me included. I have one in Pre-school, elementary and one starting high school! Wow……….


I found an article online that I may use in the future. I don’t have time now but it is an interesting thought….create food that last months and only cook once a month or so…. go check it out.


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