Craft a Community, Interview with Kate Guerrero

Craft a Community, Interview with Kate Guerrero

posted on: February 22, 2018

Kate Guerrero is one of those people we all need in our life. We busy ourselves with stuff and lose out of valuable friendship and relationship building moments. She is working to solve that problem. Check out her interview and think about reaching out to her to help your circle of influence as well. 

A poem on her Facebook Page couldn’t be passed up. I wanted to share that here as well:

“With one invitation, we can take someone
From outsider to insider
From outcast to beloved member
From unknown neighbor to coffee companion
From wallflower to life-of-the-party
From shortened life expectancy to 80 years of joy.”

We know we need more connection and community, but we can’t worry about that right now, because all the other work of parenting is just so exhausting.

Kate decided to fix that.

What is your passion?

I am passionate about helping women connect and build real, life-giving relationships.

You mentioned one of your passions is helping women connect and develop real relationships. Can you explain that more? 

In my experience, women (particularly mothers) are often incredibly isolated and lonely. I believe that so much of what we face as women requires support! In a time when we’ve build high walls around our lives, we need in-person connection more than ever. Though online relationships with other women can be great and supportive, we need women who are physically in our lives to go with us to that funeral, make us lasagna after we have a baby, and encourage us as we take that new job.

What does a real Friendship/relationship look like?

It’s being able to talk honestly and openly without judgement, being able to see one another regularly, sharing the burden of work and family in practical ways, and offering support to each other in practical ways. How often do we assume things about the women around us, and then “filter” them out as a result? Have you ever sensed people making assumptions about you?? Are they true? Think about that a moment. 

Explain your craft kits. 

My kits are a reason to gather and make friends on purpose! I send a complete set of all supplies to create something pretty – no artistic ability required! You gather the women, order the kit, and I’ll send you the rest! The kit for January was Painted Rocks – super simple, super gorgeous, and a great invitation to bring women together. I’m so excited to present the craft for February! It’s super simple, super gorgeous, and easy enough for literally ANYONE  Perfect for gathering a few friends or neighbors, a mom’s night out, a MOPS table get-together, a book club activity, or the kick-off for your very own Craft Group! (Heart Magnets)

What gave you the idea to do this?
I taught some art classes in my house and was amazing at how quickly and easily the women started connecting – even though some had just met for the first time. Having something to do with your hands makes the small talk process SO much easier and less awkward. Also – I’m personally always looking for reasons to invite women to gather – and this seemed like a natural fit!

“As women, particularly if we’re moms, the effort required to plan an activity, schedule it in, and then coordinate it with other people just seems…insane. Never gonna happen. I know that sinking feeling you get when you see those cutie posts with smiling women, arms wrapped around each other, going on about how they ‘are so grateful for their sisterhood.’ It seems like a mountain you’ll just never get the energy to climb.”


26731636_166031010692722_7017530381522567872_nWhat action step would you suggest  to begin TODAY that would help a woman start on her Journey to create a life time Friendship?

Choose one woman in your life and schedule a time to see her in the next week. Think of some questions before you see her that will help deepen your connection – I love these: “How did you meet your SO?”

“Where are you from?”

“Do you think you’ll stay doing your job (or staying home) forever? Why?”

Building relationships takes time and patience, but the process is beautiful.

Can you explain what made you decide to follow your career path?

I started out as a middle and high school English teacher! Though I love teaching, managing a classroom of adolescents was not my best thing – and completely drained me. When I realized that parent/teacher conferences were my favorite part of the year, I realized that working with adults was much more my strength! When I became a mom, I came home to be with my kids most of the time, and I’ve become increasingly aware of how isolated, lonely, and anxious so many of the women around me seemed. I started praying and thinking about my next step at that point.

What is there to be said of difficult life experiences and how can we transform them?

I think whatever difficulties we go through can be used to connect us to those who face the same – and teach us empathy for the struggles that everyone goes through! Your pain can become your path to fulfillment if you learn through it and find a way to help others who are in the same spot.

When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone?

Working on this business has me out of my comfort zone every day! I am used to being hired or recruited for jobs – and having a boss who guided, directed, and validated what I’m doing. This time, it’s just me! No one asked me to do this; it’s scary to stand up and declare that I have something to say!

What is your favorite quote or mantra?

You don’t find your village – you make it!


If you could change one thing in your business, what would it be and why?

I’d love to skip some of the initial stages of building my business and hop right to the part where I’m speaking, writing, and creating and making a living from it!

What advice would you give someone concerning Who they need to become in order to accomplish their wish/dream/goal?

First – determine if this is actually what you’re called to do, or if it’s just a wish/dream/goal that you’ve been told is “right.” Then, take steps to move forward while you’re still scared!

When do you feel like your true self?

When I’m speaking, teaching, writing, creating, and connecting with other women.

If you were the bravest version of yourself today, what would you be doing?

I’d be speaking out on what I believe without fear of what others think! So often I’m held back by the fear that I am too intense, too forceful, or too loud.

What is keeping people from living their best life?

A lack of clarity on what that “best life” is. I think we’re handed a playbook – particularly in America – that outlines what a “best life” includes, and we often start to pursue these things without actually evaluating if we share these values. I think this often includes an amount of money, amount of material possessions, level of career success, or level of fame – all of which are more or less valuable to different people. Don’t pick someone else’s best life – go after your own!


How can individuals achieve goals without sacrificing their values?

First – figure out what your values are! Then, regularly run your “goals” past these values to make sure they’re still making sense. I find that having a close friend talk through this with you is super helpful.

How do we make our values a reality?

Make big long term goals, but then make small, daily action steps. Lots of women love the idea of having a sisterhood of women around them, but they don’t take the small, important steps along the way. Send a text to check in, set up a “standing date,” order pizza for her when she’s had a hard week, remember to ask about how the important meeting went.

What are a few of your new year goals? 

This year, I have a goal to help at least 10 women start ongoing craft groups designed to gather and connect women in life-giving community.  

Do you have a nonprofit organization you admire or contribute to? 

I support Fellowship Housing – a nonprofit in my neighborhood that supports and empowers single moms on the brink of homelessness. They are an INCREDIBLE organization, and I love that they are local to me!

How can people know more about that nonprofit? 

Check out their website!

I know current and former staff members personally, so it’s fully vetted.

If anyone is interested in contacting you further what’s the easiest way(s) to reach you???

Facebook: Craft a Community

Instagram: @CraftACommunity





Thank you so much!!! 



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