Fearless Journey, an interview with Author Bridget Padilla

Fearless Journey, an interview with Author Bridget Padilla

posted on: December 21, 2017

Bridget Padilla has been very passionate about her writing since college. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters who have been constant cheerleaders in her life. She currently resides in Michigan.

I met Bridget online a while back and wanted to get the word out about her writing endeavors.

There are many hurting people that need to know that they are not alone as they face trials.  Sharing her experiences with others allowed this author to be open and vulnerable instead of closed off and unapproachable.

Right now she is self published and locally printing Fearless Journey, a book of poetry.

Below is an interview about her work. She is on social media platforms as well if anyone wants to find her and reach out. Enjoy.

This is your first book to publish? Yes-Thank you for choosing to read these words. Each poem comes from what my life experiences have taught me. I pray this book that came straight from my heart will speak straight to yours. I deeply appreciate the encouragement I have received along the way.

What is the Title? Fearless Journey. Also, the illustrations are all free hand. I asked for guidance from God about what to sketch.

What is this book about? Poetry of the journey I’m talking with God through my personal experiences.

Below is an example :

Why did you decide to cover this topic? There are a lot of hurting people that need to know that they are not alone.  Sharing my experiences with others allows me to be open and vulnerable instead of closed off and unapproachable.

Where can readers go find and buy it? Currently I am printing it locally and selling it on my own.  I can send it to them personally once they place an order with me.

• When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?  I’ve had a passion for writing since college, but just over two years the desire to be a writer really developed.

• How long does it take you to write a book? This one took two years.

• What is your work schedule like when you’re writing? I typically try to focus for a few hours at a time during the evening since it’s usually quieter.

• Where do you get your ideas? Personal experiences 

• What is your writing process like? Praying and asking God to give me the words to write and show me what to sketch.

• What advice do you have for writers? Don’t rush, it’s not a race, you will get to the finish line.

• What is your greatest strength? Ability to be tenacious 

• What is your greatest weakness? Self doubt

• You mentioned prayer. How is that important in your life? Without prayer I would not have been able to write this book.  He has guided my every step.  Life with Jesus is better than trying to do it on my own.

• What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?  Cheryl Reynolds; she has given me positive feedback which pushes in me in a good direction.

• What are your favorite literary journals? His Princess and Jesus Calling

• What is your favorite childhood book?  The Little Engine That Could 

• Add anything additionally that you want to talk about or cover or want readers to know about you.

Each book will be $10.


Thank you again so much!  If anyone would like to talk to me about my book I am more than happy to speak to you. I pray that my book will be a blessing.  I can be reached via email which isbridget.padilla@gmail.com

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