Life transformations 

Life transformations 

posted on: May 10, 2017

A sweet, dear friend of mine ask me to share part of her story.  

I am honored to be associated with her.  We go to church together and she has one of the most giving spirits. She has taught me so much concerning discipleship. People must feel love and know they loved before they will open up to a church family and stick around. I can’t tell you  how many times she has told me this over and over lecturing me on how people need to feel loved and wanted before they can be changed and disciples.

 She is a part of a growing Sunday school department. She is married with two gorgeous children…..but her life hasn’t always been like that. 

She said she wanted to share the hope that she read in my book with anyone out there who might be without hope. She has been clean and out of jail for a long while…way before I ever finished editing my book and publishing it but she recalls reading her Bible that was given to her while in jail. She didn’t know what she was reading but she would write whole chapters of Proverbs and Psalms nightly and research and study. 

I truly believe God honored her as he noticed her doing that. She truly wanted to change and heal and become more than what she was…and she has done that. 

When we became friends over two years ago I didn’t know I would finish and publish my book…but I did. 

I didn’t know that it would touch even her heart…but it did. I’m thankful she read and felt the hope my book brought….she wants to get the word out and share it with those she left behind. 

Heather Gallien Dec 2012-may2014 In Plane state jail tdcj # 1838002 





Married with children 


My friend and sister in Christ 

Used in ministry of outreach and Sunday school

Thank you for your testimony of hope. 

What a life transformation!!!❤️ 

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