School starts in 2 days here!

School starts in 2 days here!

posted on: August 11, 2014

Eeeeek I am sooooooo excited! School starts in two days! This will be my first year at a local private school teaching the A beka curr. I am nervous about juggling everything. Life is going to get really busy soon.

School*piano lessons*bible quiz practice*sign language practice*church*youth service* and that doesn’t begin to describe house work and meals and that fairy tale dream of a night out with my husband NOT buying groceries! So say a prayer for all the moms out there who are about to begin juggling a heavier schedule…me included. I have one in Pre-school, elementary and one starting high school! Wow……….


I found an article online that I may use in the future. I don’t have time now but it is an interesting thought….create food that last months and only cook once a month or so…. go check it out.


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