Impactjunkie Pitch notes at The Worklodge.

posted on: February 15, 2018

There are over 20 million people trafficked globally and this crime not including the porn industry profits an estimated $150 billion dollars a year.

Let me begin by sharing a true story of an average American family. We were raising a family. Buying a house. Working. My husband is a union crane operator working here in Houston. We were driving along the hwy in November 2014 when we came across a museum where I learned about the history and current problems of human trafficking and how relevant this is to today’s society.
That day changed the way I saw the world paround me. It was just the beginning for me. I went home realizing I wasn’t hearing enough about human trafficking.

Human trafficking is old bondage of people selling people for a profit, predators preying on vulnerabilities of the weak.

I began to study and According to the National center for missing and exploited children an estimated 2 million American kids runaway from home every year. Within 48 to 72 hours on the streets, one third fall into the hands of pornagraphy and prostitution.

I published a fiction novel In April of last year titled Pushing Back the Darkness and have sold hundreds of copies. I’m working with a team of eight writers and we are in the second phase of editing a curriculum now titled Called Out: A 16 session emotional healing and restoration curriculum for survivors of sexual abuse. Our goal is to have this published In July of this year.

I have been invited to teach and bring awareness to over thirty different settings and speaking engagements at churches, schools and libraries , but I want to scale these workshops and replicate them across America. Research your city and community. Human trafficking affects all of us.

My goal is to launch this program engaged in the fight to end modern-day slavery & help with aftercare of survivors. Through education and awareness we can bring Hope to those who have none. We can change the very communities we live in by making meaningful impact in a place of need. We have identified the problem and now we offer a solution. Thank you.

Those were my notes from the IMPACTJUNKIE meeting at the Worklodge which was an incredible place!!

The original Temple of #Solomon was built with cedars from #Lebanon. When the foundation of the new temple was laid, the description of simultaneous joy and weeping is noted in #Ezra chapter 3 :10-13. The older community remembered the former temple and the new generation was celebrating.

You will not find recorded here the grumbling, murmurs or complaints of the older crowd. One reads the sound was heard a far off and people couldn’t discern the noise of joy from the noise of grief and weeping. They did it together. Unity. The old hand in hand with the new.

There was no thought of “if it’s not done my way then we cannot work together”

The glorious praise was shouted when the expectation of the temple #foundation was laid and the first steps completed. They had a long journey a head of them but the work could not be done alone. The people had to work together in unity.

There was mourning for the loss and rememberance of the #destruction of the original temple but the glory of the New Temple would surpass that of the first.

How does that apply to

What does that have to do with Tribes!?

Well, I believe that We must all work together and not have a “my way” mindset.

Or a hindsight viewpoint of constantly remembering the old ways and not putting our hand to the plow and helping with what’s going on today and now.

Today and #Tomorrow is a better day. We are headed to a bright future of the church if we work together to bring in the harvest and labor for souls #together.

Help your brother with his dream. Help your sister with her vision. Work together for the kingdom of God. may be a New thing but it is out there helping others and using the tools we have in our hands. Using our time

Talent and treasures today….get involved!

DC Dream Center -Things we need

posted on: November 14, 2017



The mission of IMPACT JUNKIE is to excite, engage, and inspire entrepreneurs, change-makers, and impact-seekers to use their superpowers (talents, skills, abilities) for good — to create real impact in real lives in their cities/communities and around the world. Since the establishment of ImpactJunkie in February 2017, we have already built water wells in Haiti and currently investing in sustainable work for locals to build water wells in their country. Many of our ImpactJunkie members were instrumental in the relief projects of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. This month, we are working with an organization to support Syrian refugees in Athens, Greece, providing tech and entrepreneurial training. We are excited about future projects in Central America, Africa, Asia, and multiple cities in the US.


During our most recent event in Washington, D.C., our team supported the DC Dream Center by organizing and cleaning the gorgeous Southeast White House for the holiday events provided to all in the community. Needy children in the Washington DC community go without proper food, shelter, and small things we take for granted such as a safe place for after-school activities.  While all of us are susceptible to hard times, there are many children and families who are at the most risk, and they make up the largest number of people in need around the holidays. While cleaning and prepping, we noticed a special sunroom that stole our heart. It currently functions as an art room for the community’s children.

Sadly, the tables are old, the vinyl on the chairs are split, two tall window panes are missing, and the art supplies are all gone.


Knowing the wonderful support, the DC Dream Center provides to the community by keeping kids off the streets and providing them with a space to be creative, ImpactJunkie has adopted this room and asking for your help. It would not take much to transform this room (pictures available). Together, we will be able to help many of these families’ beautiful children start toward a brighter future using creativity with after-school programs in an awesome, safe, warm room. As a member of this incredible organization, to support a pillar program like DC Dream Center is an honor.


More Information:

You can find the Dream Center on social media @DCDreamCenter The Southeast White House is conveniently located behind the Dream Center and both work completely off donations. Their most recent event they gave away hundreds of Leesa mattresses and are currently organizing Thanksgiving baskets to give away to those in need in the community.


Join our Impact project: Monetary donations can help purchase supplies, materials, and have the windows fixed in the art sun-room. We would also take donations such as complete table sets, plastic containers for supplies, and art supplies. We have a team of impactjunkies ready to get this room ready as soon as possible. Our goal is to have the room ready in time for, January 15th MLK Day.


ImpactJunkie is most rewarded when we are able to empower others to have an impact in their communities and around the world. Join us as we drive impact!


Please contact our Team leader, Laura, at 337-849-9860 for information on donating materials. For monetary support visit our website at (in special instructions put “DC Dream Center”)




Going places. Loving people.

Be an #impactjunkie


Start changing lives today.





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