Learning to Listen

posted on: January 4, 2020
First snow of 2019 in Olympic National Forest
Olympic National Forest

For so long, I have been the one traveling and speaking and talking and going on and on and on. Maybe I just got burnt out. Maybe one too many doors closed in my face and I was done with rejection. Regardless of the reason why,  I am now learning  to just be still and listen. Well, maybe not be still, because I have already hiked over 5 miles in 2020 on three different hikes this year. I am a part of an amazing group of hikerbabes and can’t wait to share more about the future hikes I am planning. What I am doing whole heartedly though is listening. Listening to the wind in the trees, the rush of the waterfalls and the sound of the crunch of snow under my boots. I love it….and the sound I hear now makes so much more sense that all the words I was saying.

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