The Gift of Fear-An Interview with Safety Sisters Founder, Brittany Moore (with a surprise gift for my readers)

The Gift of Fear-An Interview with Safety Sisters Founder, Brittany Moore (with a surprise gift for my readers)

posted on: April 9, 2018

The Gift of Fear. Is that even possible…to view fear as a gift? As a public speaker bringing awareness to human trafficking and how it affects our communities and our teens, I often feel that sensation of fear as I study and prepare to stand before people. A few ideas come to mind from other people and what they have had to say about fear; I want to share those with you. One is from Daniel Koren, author of ‘He Called Her’. Concerning fear  he said (paraphrasing in my words) to let fear run as far as possible in your mind…what is the worst that can happen? Now, open your eyes. You are still here. You are still standing. Fear runs out and you are still standing. 

Another public speaker I heard speak of the gift of fear said something that stuck with me and I constantly bring her words back to mind as I feel that rush of butterflies and those twisted, nervous, sweaty palms sensations. What if we are so unfamiliar with the feeling of power that we associate that nervous, scary feeling with fear instead of what it truly is-power. Public speakers have the unique opportunity to plant an idea in the minds of their audience. That is powerful and should be an exciting moment, not a fearful one. 

With that being said, Meet Brittany Moore,  a certified safety and self-defense educator who is going into public speaking as well.

The following interview is with a fellow Damsel in Defense sister. Damsel in Defense’s mission is to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families. Our Independent Damsel Pros are not only arming others and experiencing financial freedom, but also offering empowerment and healing to those affected by assault #becauseofdamsel. 

One by one, we are changing statistics and giving back to the many amazing partner organizations below that are making a difference in the lives of those who have been assaulted. As we continue to grow, our hearts and eyes are wide open for where God will take us next. But Damsel in Defense is only one part of all our lives. Beyond that, we do so many other fascinating things. For this Damsel sister Brittany Moore, I am excited to share how God is leading her into her newest venture. 



First off, I want to thank Laura so much for taking the time to chat with me. I love what you are doing to help bring your passion to raising awareness for human trafficking. Now a little about me…I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister and the owner of Safety Sister.

My background is in psychology and health education and I am a certified safety and self-defense educator.


What do you do?


I teach women (teens to senior citizens) how to protect themselves and their families through awareness and prevention. I love every single aspect of what I do and hope to equip as many women as possible with the mental and physical tools to keep themselves safe.

Tell my readers 2-3 specific accomplishments or experiences.

-My mother, my inspiration for what I do, was a victim of rape from a serial killer who was later convicted. Although her experience was not my own experience, I grew up knowing about it and knowing how important it was to learn to protect myself. None of us should ever have to learn about personal safety the way she did, so her experience has inspired me to teach people how to avoid becoming a victim at all costs.

-Started “Safety Sister” in April 2017

-Published a “Personal & Family Safety” e-course in March 2018

What are your greatest professional strengths?

My greatest professional strengths are an unwillingness to give up. If something doesn’t work, I will get creative be sure to find another way to make it work. My second strength is in my desire to continue learning. Both strengths come from my passion for what I do and to share the knowledge with others.

What would you say are your Greatest Weaknesses?

We all have weaknesses and I’m no exception.  But our weaknesses are not what define us, our willingness to work hard enough to overcome them is what does. So, the only true weakness is not having the desire to overcome. I’m definitely not lacking in my desire, therefore I will overcome!

Do you have a nonprofit organization you admire or contribute to?

I know a few people with personal connections to St. Jude Children’s hospital and have heard only amazing things. I try to raise money for them as often as possible. Also, RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network is a great organization that comes out with so much helpful information and resources for women.

What do you think you have had to overcome to be who you are today?

I don’t claim to have had to endure even a fraction of what others have been through and I attribute that, in part, to my mom and the knowledge I was given as a child. My biggest barrier and the biggest thing I continue to overcome is myself, my doubts, and my setbacks. It’s easy to let them get in the way of getting to where you want to go. But if you focus on the goal, and know that, one way or another, you will find a way, you will succeed.

What is the last book that has made you cry?

As a mom, I don’t get much time to read, so I re-listened to “The Gift of Fear” a few weeks ago, which was part of my inspiration in doing what I do. I cry every time I listen to it because it hits so close to home and I hate the thought of people in this world have to endure such evil every day.

*The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence is a nonfiction self-help book (Dell Publishing 1997, republished with new epilogue 1998) written by Gavin de Becker. The book demonstrates how every individual should learn to trust the inherent “gift” of their gut instinct. By learning to recognize various warning signs and precursors to violence, it becomes possible to avoid potential trauma and harm.

The Gift of Fear spent four months on The New York Times Bestseller List, was a #1 National Bestseller, and has been published in 14 languages.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be a general manager of a major league baseball team. I grew up playing baseball, yes baseball, with the boys. The history and the sanctity of the game have always held a special place in my heart.

That’s incredible. Wow. So, in your own words what is your definition of success?

My definition of success is being able to do something that I love and feel like I’m really making a difference rather than going to an office job that I don’t like every day.

Doing something you love….so would you say you are successful and in what ways?

Absolutely! I’m successful in the sense that I had an idea and a passion and I turned it into an organization! I had no idea what I was capable of when I first started and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Publishing my e-book and e-course that each took about a year to put together.

Do you have long term goals that you can share with the readers?

In the long-term I’d like to extend my reach to high schools and colleges, giving seminars, and teaching women how to be proactive with their own safety and not take it for granted.

If a youth asked for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Educate yourself.
  3. And listen to your instincts. Just about everything you do in life will be helped by those 3 pieces of advice!

That’s great advice for anyone. Let’s change directions for a moment. Have you ever created a vision board?

Not an actual one…although my pinterest boards are all overflowing!

Aren’t ours all overflowing? HA! So, do you have a favorite motto that you live by?

I used to love the quote:

“It’s good for the soul to invest in something you can’t control.”

which comes from the movie Fever Pitch and is in reference to baseball. However, doing what I do now, this has become the opposite of the motto I choose to live by. Now, I prefer to live by the motto and quote which again comes from “The Gift of Fear”:

“Whether it’s learned the easy way or the hard way, the truth remains, safety is yours.”


I love it! Thank you so much. They are both great quotes. I am so excited to hear more about your future ventures and where God is going to take you on this journey. I can’t wait to hear and share the stories of the lives you will positively impact. 

If anyone is interested in contacting you further what’s the easiest way(s) to reach you???

Readers can find us at, on Facebook at @safetysister or email us at

Our e-course is directly available at

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