When everything happens all at once.

When everything happens all at once.

posted on: April 14, 2020

I have always admired those brave, honest moms that turn to social media to show that it is ok to have everything happen at once. 

Have you seen those cute chick flicks that have the soap suds coming out of the dishwasher during breakfast and the kids are screaming for help while they homeschool at the kitchen table and the mom and dad just shrug, laugh and kiss while the suds pile up? *I think I have. 

My point is that in that moment this morning I wasn’t feeling like laughing. I had a giant bubble of anxiety. There was too much noise, too much going on at once and I couldn’t control the situation. When the hubby put bubbles on my nose to make me laugh, I didn’t want to laugh. I had five towels sopping full of soap suds and a flood of water to fix. The kids were trying to homeschool and I was trying to cook and it was all too much at once. 

In that moment, I remembered something. What will I look like on the other side of this? What do I want my family to remember? Do they need to see me scream and cry and break down or do they need to remember seeing me trying to work together with everyone and making things happen even though I don’t want to laugh about it in this moment? 

I wasn’t perfect. Hubby was calm and immediately helped. I got the kids questions answered as they worked on the laptops for school. Everything is back under control and the chaos has moved on. 

No chaos is not fun. It may not be a laughing matter like in the movies either. Just know, you can get through the chaos and noise. You can make it through to the other side even if you don’t laugh on your way there. 

Now I gotta go finish my baked chicken and wild rice casserole for dinner. Oh, and someone just yelled upstairs that the bottom freezer door is stuck and won’t shut. Wish me grace and peace for today. 


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